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Easy Ways to Build Self Confidence.



The Example picture a Confidence Action on Cammera.

Life style - According to health sources published by Psychology Today  news, having low self-confidence tends to make someone always worry about previous mistakes and fear of repeating them.

So, how do you build self-confidence?

Let's follow the directive tips below.

1. Starting from a standing or sitting posture

Body posture sends messages to the brain that can actually change feeling. So, if you want to feel stronger, sit up straight, smile, or stand in a “power pose,” and the message will be sent to your brain.

2. Be aware of everything or Mindfulness.

- Be aware of self-awareness by observing yourself and the environment.

- Be Feeling well, Start it with body sensations, feeling your legs,feet, stomach, chest, arms, neck and head to be relax.

3. Exercise regularly

Exercise has a powerful effect on self-confidence. Regular exercise releases endorphins which in turn interact with opiate receptors in the brain, resulting in a pleasant state of mind and ultimately you will see yourself in a more positive light.

4. Follow the process, Risk, and Create Error

Allow yourself to learn, take risks, and make mistakes. When you get out of your comfort zone and start something new, you expand your boundaries. When you succeed in completing something that is outside your comfort zone, you indirectly build self-confidence.

5. Say good things to yourself. 

Be an encouragement to yourself. Speak good things to yourself because in the end you are the best encouragement or supporter for yourself.

6. Increase fun activities

Doing things that please yourself seems legitimate in helping you increase your self-confidence.

7. Believe in yourself

Don't forget to always believe in yourself, so you can achieve your desired goals in the future.

Let's do it, keep a health and  spirit, have a nice day and good luck.(red)